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1,2,3.5,4,5, 20 LTR, 6 Gallon.UN and non-UN available. Lid options: Standard tear-tab lid with gasket. Plain, with spout, tint plug, screw-top. 5 gal. tight-head (carboy) with 70MM opening and vent spout. Stock colors - white, natural, black, blue, green, red, yellow. Offset printing available. (Lids Sold Seperately)


Plastic pails are the container of choice for many key FDA applications, including dairy, fruits and berries, pickles and other food products. They are ideal for many industrial uses as well, and are commonly used for oils, greases, chemicals and coatings. 



1 Gal   MIL(65)   QTY 210   

2 Gal   MIL(65)   QTY 234   

3.5 Gal   MIL(90)   QTY168   

5 Gal / 20 Ltr with Child Warning   MIL(90)   QTY 120 

6 Gal with Child warning   MIL(90)   QTY 84   

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