Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade from the free Starter plan?

Absolutely! You can upgrade anytime from the My Account tab of the Admin Console.

  1. Enter Admin Console
  2. Click the "My Account" button
  3. Select preferred plan
  4. Enter credit card details
Your existing content will remain and you can take advantage of the new features immediately. Go for it!

Can I downgrade from the Grow, Premium or Pro plan?

Yes you can. Your subsequent month will be billed at the revised subscription fee. Your oldest content will be deleted, leaving your newest content up to the tiers of the selected plan.

Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, including: American Express Mastercard Visa

Does Qualee offer customised plans?

Yes. For user volumes larger than 100 we would be pleased to customise a plan that best suits your organisation's requirements. Please contact us.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do. We greatly appreciate support in spreading the word on Qualee. For more details, please visit our Referral Program page.

Does Qualee offer a white label option?

Yes we do. Qualified organisations looking to deliver their own application from the app stores with the capabilities of Qualee can use a customised white label version of Qualee. Qualee can also continue to provide on-going support and maintenance of white labelled instances. Contact us to share your requirements.

Do you have an option for charity organisations?

Yes we do. For charity organisations of aligned values with Qualee, we offer a free subscription to our Pro plan.
To learn more about the organisations we support directly, please visit our CSR page.

Does Qualee store credit card details?

No we do not. Qualee uses Stripe for all credit card processing. All credit card details are encrypted within Stripe only and not available to Qualee at any time.

Do I need credit card details for the Starter (free) Plan?

Not at all. You can setup an account without credit card details and upgrade at any time.

Do you offer a product demo?

Yes, we offer free previews of both the Qualee Console and Qualee App. You may: 1. sign-up for the Starter Plan to review the Qualee Console 2. download the Qualee App for either iOS or Android and use the 'View Demo' option at the login screen


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